• Eliminates time consuming and costly first stage interviews.
  • Get in-person view of Job Seeker i.e. appearance, personalities, communication skills and other vital attributes.
  • Huge cost savings for the company.
  • Profile short listing will be done by expert team of bolCVbol before forwarding the link.
  • Profile Job seekers regardless of their location.
  • Reduce travel and accommodation costs.
  • Help reduce interview to placement ratios.
  • Minimize carbon emissions and help save the planet.
  • Eliminates boring text CV.

Let the CV speak. You sit back and watch as the Job Seeker presents its profile!

  • Send job opening requirements to bolCVbol through email at OR
  • Call bolCVbol team for a video shoot as you will be in better position to put forth the job requirement. In this video shooting, HR manager can present a brief about the company and job opportunities available with the company. It can be used as pre-campus company profiling also.

  • Send job opening requirements to bolCVbol through email at
  • bolCVbol team will understand the job openings and forward the links of only those Job Seekers which are short listed by expert team of bolCVbol.
  • HR manager can view Job Seeker profile in both format i.e. audio-video and text format in the same link.
  • Communicate to bolCVbol for the shortlisted Job Seekers along with time-date for next round.

  • There is no fee for viewing profiles on bolCVbol. So it is absolutely FREE!