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bolCVbol as the name suggest.... LET YOUR CV SPEAK YOUR CREDENTIALS

Gone are the days when only a text CV could fetch you your dream job. In today’s competitive world, where one job vacancy is chased by many aspirant job seekers, you need to present yourself not only in text format but also add your personality (video) and voice (audio) for an effective communication of your candidature to a particular job.

bolCVbol initially aims to cater recruitment solutions in BFSI segment. Typically, in BFSI industry, a job seeker undergoes 2-3 rounds of screening before selection. Before any job seeker is called for the first round of an interview, the HR manager generally goes through the text CV. If the academics and past experiences matches with the job profile, the job seeker is called for first round of interview mainly to check on 3 parameters i.e. appearance, speech and overall fitment.

Since, time is very precious both for the candidate job seeker and the HR manager of the company, why waste it for initial screening round. bolCVbol is an innovative way for job seekers to present themselves to potential employers in Audio Video format along with text resume. bolCVbol aims to eliminate the initial screening process by providing a platform for job seeker to present their candidature in 3 ways together i.e. text, video and audio.


Human capital is considered as the most important asset of any organization. The process of hiring of professional has shifted with times from a mere reference (Sifarish) to paper base resume to email and now to e-resume through a job portal or website.

There were 2 base motives of this transformation for both (i.e. job seekers and companies). Firstly, quicker access to probable job seekers/ companies and secondly, more job seekers/ companies to choose from. So, both have more choices in overall process.

The current trend of sending resumes through email or posting one’s profile on internet is again going through transformation. A relative newer concept of Audio Video resume is emerging in HR industry.

Today’s HR managers want to see more than just a piece of paper or an email or a profile on job portals; they want to see job seeker in-person before actually meeting them.

Also, modern day job seekers want to present their credentials more than just a piece of paper or an email or a profile on job portal websites; they want to differentiate themselves. They desire that their dream organization should atleast give them an opportunity to present themselves.

Walking into HR manager’s cabin and displaying their skills along with their personality might not work, but a video resume can do that. Like the famous scene from a famous movie where the actor motivates sport persons that “those 70 minutes nobody can steal from you. So give your best shot”. Similarly, those 180 seconds ‘OF YOU’ inside HR manager’s cabin via bolCVbol and nobody can steal from you. So give your best shot.


To eliminate paper CV and give the job seeker a new platform to present their candidature, not only in text format but also through Audio-Video mode.


bolCVbol is a brand name which is managed by a team of highly qualified professionals who are well versed in the HR practices. Team has gained extensive industry experience. This qualified team is the driving force behind the success of bolCVbol. They inspire the most professional standards and ethics, thereby contributing to enhance bolCVbol’s reputation in the market. With their continued support and moral push, bolCVbol will expand into newer industries and territories.


Let your CV speak your credentials…………………..

So……………. bolCVbol !